Job List and Costs

Here’s the job list with current status of each and links where I took photos or had something to say:

  • Replace thermostat (engine doesn’t reach operating temperature) – done!
  • Replace cambelt kit (was due at 10 years) – done!
  • Oil service (was due before it got parked up) – done!
  • Replace front discs and pads (rusty!) – done
  • Replace rear discs and pads (rusty!) – done
  • Diagnose and fix tailgate release (not opening, so outside switch was replaced) – done!
  • Diagnose and fix aircon (likely just a regas) – re-gassed and works but needs a new condenser to be efficient.
  • Check engine mounts and torsion bracket (seems a little wallowy on/off throttle) – done, the mounts are fine, what was happening was the VVT actuators weren’t doing their thing and therefore there was poor modulation at low revs, possibly due to sticking solenoid valves. It has improved a lot with the oil change and use.
  • Rectify poorly mounted tyres – at least two are not centred properly on the rim and while balanced correctly (with 60g of weights), the rears can resonate at 50mph and shake the car until it goes around a corner and their alignment changes relative to one another.  I’ve looked at this, even removed two of the tyres and I can’t rectify it – the outside bead is fine, but the inner just won’t centre despite there being less than 0.25mm of variation in the diameter of the wheel on the same bead, so I’ll just replace the tyres.

That list is broadly in priority order.  I could possibly have got away without replacing the brakes but I’ve brought cars out of storage before and they never truly clean up properly.  This is my a daily driver and I want it to be as good as it is supposed to be, more importantly as safe as it is supposed to be.

Costs to date (excluding fuel, road tax and insurance):

24/2/2018Halfords HCB063 calcium battery, HOF330 oil filter and SET101 front wiper blades£83.64
24/2/2018Cam belt locking tool kit (from Hong Kong!) £15.99
26/2/2018MOT Test fee£43.00
26/2/2018Mintex MDB2633 front discs and pads£50.50
26/2/2018Mintex rear brake discs and pads£51.90
28/2/2018Tailgate release switch (outside)£32.75
1/3/2018Cambelt kit (Genuine GM) and thermostat (Genuine GM)£127.20
17/4/2018OSF brake flexi hose£13.10
19/1/2019Oil filter (Halfords VOF330)£7.49