What is there to say?

Well, for years I’ve been publishing my progress on various automotive projects across a number of online forums and at the end of the day have no real control over the content, despite it taking (often) hours to create. This site is hosted by me to provide a means of simply uploading and managing my online diaries, quite cunningly in the same familiar format that I’ve been using on the forums.

So, you may see (or have already seen) some of this content posted elsewhere, and that’s the whole point.

This website is running on WordPress – it’s essentially a blogging application written in PHP that uses a MySQL server to store all of the page data inside a database.  Before finally settling on this, I tried FlatPress, which is effectively the same, but doesn’t require the MySql server.  There are pros and cons with both, FlatPress is easy and very quick, WordPress has better support for add-ons, both are freeware.

It’s going to take me a while to transfer the content over here, so please bear with me! 🙂


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