This my home page – I don’t have much time to keep it updated at the moment but it still serves up information on my project cars, together with a small number of How To guides that I have written myself. Navigating the site is supposed to be easy, just click the links on the left to get to the main areas.

My old site is still running and I am considering moving back (from WordPress) to it simply because I don’t have the time to transfer everything into WordPress.  If you’re interested, there’s much more content on there, especially in the project cars section including some pretty hard core bodywork on my previous Mk2 Astra.  <old site>

Vauxhall / Opel Cavalier / Calibra fuel trip computerFuel Computer Programming

Back in 2002 I worked out how to reprogramme the 80s/90s fuel computers to correctly work with different wheel sizes and make custom programmes to work with engine transplants. As far as I know that’s a unique offering in the world and while I don’t get requests any more (the cars are classics don’t you know?) I’m still willing to programme these units for other people – click the link to find out more.

Other stuff

Broadly, the content is based on Vauxhall cars and diagnostics of Vauxhalls built between about 1986 and the mid 00s, although my own equipment runs up to about 2012/13. My previous site won the attention of a hacker, who taught me both to use strong passwords and keep good backups.  Since then, owing to the poor backups I had, the old site fell into a certain amount of disrepair and so the options were to either delete it or simply replace it with something fresher. All of the old content is actually still there and for the moment will stay because links all over the web still refer to it.

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to comment on any of my online content – just use the ‘Contact Ian’ tab at the top of the page to call up a form.

On the ‘Ian’s Cars’ pages you can read about some of my projects, past and present. My main project is a Mk2 Astra GTE, which I converted to V6 power and mainly use on dry days. Getting older now, I managed to insure it on a Classic insurance policy with all of the modifications declared.

So I’m into my Vauxhalls, in fact pretty much anything with a Griffin on the front is my kind of project. I’ve owned a few over the last couple of decades, ranging from the humble Astra through Cavaliers, a Calibra, several Vectras and even a Carlton and Omega.