This my home page. It started out as a place to host photos and guides written when I was active in a number of car clubs and while I’m not so active in the clubs at the moment, I still have a fleet of ageing Vauxhalls and a lovely Lotus to keep me entertained and, err… busy.

I have always been interested in electronics and programming, since my dad bought our family a 16K Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Over the years I progressed from programming in BASIC, through PIC microcontrollers in assembly code, Windows Visual Basic and more recently Arduino and Android (which are largely C++ and Java based). I’m far from expert but much prefer to take a need and build something myself (the way I want it) than go to a shop and choose the one on sale that is the nearest fit.

Today this page reflects some of what I do in my free time – it is in two main sections – Car stuff and Electronics, both give details of a few of my past and current projects and in time, will link to my GitHub where I will open-source some of my code for others to use and improve.