Z16XER thermostat replacement

Thermostat replacement was really straightforward as it turned out.

Remove the bracket holding the cable harnesses to the side of the thermostat housing (10mm nut), unclip the lambda sensor from the bracket in front of the engine and unplug.  Unplug cam sensor and push the connector out of the way, unplug sensor on thermostat.  Disconnect coolant pipe at thermostat housing and collect coolant.  Remove 4 Torx bolts holding the thermostat to its housing and remove it…

Old vs new thermostat –  genuine Vx parts

As Mr Haynes says, refitting is the reverse of removal.

So, with the new thermostat fitted, it is a case of refitting everything removed and refilling the coolant.  Surprisingly I lost very very little of it and only added about 100ml to restore the level in the header tank.

A quick run up to temperature shows new highs in my ownership. 🙂

Screenshot from android Torque app, which is quicker and easier than plugging Tech2 in…

Job jobbed.  Normal operating temperature seems to be about 102 degrees C and the new thermostat stays closed until at least 100 degrees C.