How To X25XE Wiring

Vectra (X25XE) Wiring information for Mk2 Astra (injection models)The following table is my compilation of the wiring necessary to fit the Vectra X25XE V6 engine into a Mk2 Vauxhall Astra (or Kadett-E in Europe).  I’ve used this information twice for my own conversions and have proven it to be correct, however as with all information you find for free on the internet, I can’t take responsibility for any mistakes made in wiring, or indeed in my information presented here.  Sorry for the small text – I could have deleted the pin numbers, or wire sizes to make it smaller, but some colours are reused and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Connections marked in Blue are the ones that are typically needed, the ones in grey are simply cut back and ignored for a car with a manual gearbox, no air conditioning, traction control or (Vectra) ABS / alarm.  For completeness I have included the 16-pin diagnostic switch wiring, although in general it’s more practical to connect the blink code request and diagnostic ‘K’ line to the standard 10-pin diagnostic connector near the passenger side suspension turret.

This guide assumes that you want to retain the standard Vectra immobiliser – in fact there’s no reason not to.  The  simplest way is to obtain an ignition barrel lock from any later (94 on) Vauxhall Astra / Corsa or Cavalier etc and then insert the Vectra transponder chip into the key.  The Vectra immobiliser transceiver (the ring that fits around the ignition lock) can be fitted inside the standard Astra cowl, but it’s a tight squeeze.  Well worth it just for the extra security.

Please see the footnotes at the bottom of the page regarding copying this information, it’s provided free here for all to use.  If you want to take a print out, please feel free – I’d suggest landscape format to fit it all in. 😉
Connector Pin Colour Size Purpose ECU pin Astra Mk2 Connects to (On new chassis)
X5 (Green) 1
X5 (Green) 2 Blue/White 0.50 Alternator light None Engine loom – blue/white Instruments (Warning lamp)
X5 (Green) 3 Blue/Green 0.50 Oil Pressure Switch None Engine loom – blue/green Instruments (Warning lamp)
X5 (Green) 4 Black/Yellow 0.75 Reversing switch Live / AT Switch Live None Engine loom – black (pin 8 ) Ignition Live
X5 (Green) 5 White/Yellow 0.75 AT Gear Selector None
X5 (Green) 6 Black/White 0.75 Reversing Light Switch None Engine loom – black/white Reverse Lights
X5 (Green) 7
X5 (Green) 8 Black/Red 2.50 Starter motor solenoid input None Engine loom – black/red Ignition Switch
X5 (Green) 9
X5 (Green) 10 White 0.75 AT Gear Selector None
X5 (Green) 11 Brown/Green 0.50 Oil level Switch None Engine loom – brown/green MID / Check control
X5 (Green) 12 Green 0.75 AT Gear Selector None
X5 (Green) 13 Grey 0.75 AT Gear Selector None
X7 (Black) 1 Red/Blue 1.50 Fuel pump supply None Engine loom – thick red/blue Fuel pump relay
X7 (Black) 2 Black 2.50 Ignition Live feed 56 Engine loom – thick black Ignition Switch (15)
X7 (Black) 3 Brown/White 0.50 Engine ECU K Line 88 Diag connector – brown/white X13 Diagnostic connector
X7 (Black) 4 Brown/Yellow 0.50 Engine ECU blink request 87 Diag connector – brown/yellow X13 Diagnostic connector
X7 (Black) 5 Brown/Blue 0.50 Ground – engine warning light 8 Engine loom – brown/blue Instruments
X7 (Black) 6 Grey 0.75 Torque control 48
X7 (Black) 7 Not Used
X7 (Black) 8 Red/Black 2.50 SAI – Valve solenoid None
X7 (Black) 9 Not Used
X7 (Black) 10 Blue/Red (3) 0.50 Signal lead – Odometer frequency sensor / IMO input 79 Engine loom – blue/red Immobiliser IMO signal
X7 (Black) 11 Blue 0.75 Coolant temperature sensor (instruments) None Lighting loom – blue (spade) Instruments
X7 (Black) 12 Black/Brown 0.75 Fuel consumption signal 47 Dash loom – black/brown (2) MID
X7 (Black) 13 Green 0.75 RPM signal 80 Engine loom – green Instruments
X7 (Black) 14 Not Used
X7 (Black) 15 Black/Blue 0.75 Signal lead – AC High / Low pressure switch 43
X7 (Black) 16 Brown/Violet 0.75 AC Compressor Relay (Ground) 36
X7 (Black) 17 Black 1.00 Ignition Live – Coolant pump None Coolant pump positive (only if you fit one)
X7 (Black) 18 Not Used
X7 (Black) 19 Not Used
X7 (Black) 20 Black Auto Box ECU – Ignition Live None
X7 (Black) 21 Black/White 0.75 Signal lead – AC Compressor switch 12
X7 (Black) 22 Brown/Grey 0.75 Ground – SAI pump relay 37 SAI relay coil
X7 (Black) 23 Red/Black 0.75 Signal lead – SAI pump relay 54 SAI relay coil
X7 (Black) 24 Red/Black 0.75 Load signal to AT control unit 82
X13 (Diag) 1 Not Used
X13 (Diag) 2 Not Used
X13 (Diag) 3 Brown/White Immobiliser ECU, Alarm and AT Immobiliser ECU – brown/white Immobiliser ECU
X13 (Diag) 4 Brown 0.75 Ground Ground Chassis, or a solid brown (earth) wire
X13 (Diag) 5 Brown 0.75 Ground Ground Chassis, or a solid brown (earth) wire
X13 (Diag) 6 Brown/Yellow 0.50 Engine ECU blink request 87 Diag connector – brown/yellow Engine IO connector X7, pin 4
X13 (Diag) 7 Brown/White 0.50 Engine ECU, Instruments and Radio 88 Diag connector – brown/white Engine IO connector X7, pin 3
X13 (Diag) 8 Brown/White 0.50 Cruise Control, TID/MID
X13 (Diag) 9 Not Used
X13 (Diag) 10 Not Used
X13 (Diag) 11 Not Used
X13 (Diag) 12 Brown/White 0.50 ABS/TC and Airbag
X13 (Diag) 13 Not Used
X13 (Diag) 14 Not Used
X13 (Diag) 15 Not Used
X13 (Diag) 16 Red 0.75 Permanent Live 5A fused 12V Permanent live (for Tech2)
K117 (Immob ECU) 1 Brown/Violet 0.50 Alarm input
K117 (Immob ECU) 2 Brown/Blue 0.50 Engine Management Light EM light – brown/blue Instruments, or X7, pin 5
K117 (Immob ECU) 3 Not used
K117 (Immob ECU) 4 Brown 0.50 Ground Ground Chassis, or a solid brown (earth) wire
K117 (Immob ECU) 5 Black 0.50 Ignition Live Fuse box – black Ignition switched live
K117 (Immob ECU) 6 Blue/Red 0.50 Speed input from ABS ECU ABS ECU
K117 (Immob ECU) 7 Blue/Black 0.50 Speed input (via resistor?) / engine ECU IMO signal 79 Engine loom – blue/black Engine ECU Vehicle speed input
K117 (Immob ECU) 8 Brown/White 0.50 Diagnostic line Diag connector – brown/white Astra Diag connector, or 16 pin connector
K117 (Immob ECU) 9 Red 0.50 Permanent live  Fuse box Red Permanent live
(1)  Vectra engine was from a manual car, so is already coded to MT, otherwise connect Engine ECU pin 69 (0.5mm Black/Red) to Ground.
(2)  Dash loom connector used to plug into XE ECU loom behind fuse box – 4 pins.  This is where to pick up the engine management light etc.
(3)  Haynes says Blue/red, which is conventional, vectra loom has blue/black

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