1990 Astra GTE 16V Champion

November 2016 – A wide arch Astra – who would have thought it?  This was also one of Brian’s cars and was mid-refurbishment at the time I acquired it.


This car started out life as a standard GTE Champion edition, meaning it was painted in the Bordeaux Red metallic, fitted with the Recaro leather interior and 15″ cross-spoke style alloys.  In approx 2005, it was in good condition, had low mileage but had the wide arch kit from Irmscher fitted, BBS split-rim alloys fitted and a full Safety Devices roll cage fitted.  Undoubtedly a show car, Brian liked this one as it was a little bit special and had had a lot of money spent on it over the years, but he soon tired of the roll cage and set about removing it, which of course meant a certain amount of upheaval as many parts have to be removed to give access, including brake and fuel lines.

Job List

1) Replace all rubber fuel lines
2) Investigate and recommission the service brake
3) Replace ABS loom (some lines cut, I’ll reinstate them)
4) Secure all fuel, brake and ABS lines under the car to original clips
5) Plug cage mounting points and seal.
6) Spot weld rear seat mountings to floor and inner arches.
7) Replace cambelt
8) Refit all trim
9) Tighten front tie rods
10) Refit front anti-roll bar links
11) Oil change (current oil is new, but…)
12) Refit remaining removed parts under bonnet
13) Replace rad fan thermostat switch
14) Replace one front wheel bearing (I have a note from Brian, with a new bearing and drive flange).

I’ve taken a few more photos of it as I got it.  The interior isn’t completely refitted yet, but the car looks very complete and I’ve not found anything missing so far.  Click HERE for the ‘as I got it’ photos.