The Fleet

My current cars are below – click one for more information.

Astra 2.0 SRI XPLotus Elan Plus 2Astra GTE 16V

These pages will eventually reflect the breadth of the cars I’ve owned rather than a complete record or journal; rather than just being simple A to B transport, owning cars is a hobby as well and so I like to buy cars that have something I particularly like about them, whether that’s a specific engine, a body style, a memory from long ago or even a job needing doing that I have never done before.  I like a challenge!

I first got into Lotus quite by accident as an alternative to the V8 Mercedes SL500 that I was looking for at the time.  Instead, I bought a Lotus Elan M100 – it’s faster, smaller and even cheaper to insure than the Mercedes, and if I’m honest, more fun.  That V8 itch is still itching though, will I ever scratch it?

Much more (and better!) information is still in the old site – I need to migrate it across here, but you can still access it for now by clicking the ‘old site’ link in the menu above.

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