Change 20XE Sump Gaskets

This is the engine fitted to the Mk2 Astra GTE 16v, which uses the original cork gaskets – two of them back to back with a steel baffle plate in between.  The later type as used on the C20XE and C20LET is shown in the procedure lower down.

The later C20XE and C20LET engines had the option of three types of sump gaskets:

  1. Cork, as per the 20XE
  2. A rubber envelope gasket that fits over the original baffle plate instead of the cork gaskets
  3. a single piece steel baffle plate with the rubber gasket vulcanised onto it.

NOTE that if you want to convert from the cork gaskets to the later rubber type, you must NOT use the standard M6x22 bolts and instead need to use M6x20 bolts – buy mild steel bolts, not stainless steel (it isn’t suitable for use in cast iron really).  Using the original bolts with the thinner gasket means they can bottom out and various reports of that happening have caused cracks in the block.