Repair crimped fuel line connections

Vauxhall moved from Jubilee clips to crimped connections, presumably to reduce the assembly time in the factory and probably part costs too. On the face of it, the connections aren’t repairable, but I have found that they are revertable, meaning you can convert them to the earlier jubilee clip securing method when the rubber pipes need replacement.
OK, here’s the problem…
The rubber pipe had fuel running down it (very slowly, enough to smell a little):
Here’s the fuel rail arrangement, with the offending pipe removed:
Now if you want to, you can replace the fuel pipe complete, which consists of the short right-angled section from the union to the crimped-on rubber hose, then it runs to the back of the engine bay where it’s crimped onto the metal upright pipe leading down the rear of the engine bay, behind the brake servo and across behind the steering rack to near te centre of the car, where it’s clipped onto a short rubber section.
Or you can do what I did.
Simply cut around the top of the crimp with a hacksaw until you see rubber all the way around the section, then hold the crimp body with pliers and twist / pull the metal pipe out of the crimp. Here’s what you end up with:
Discard the bits of crimp and cut the rubber hose back by around 10mm – the reason mine leaked was because it was perished on the inside. Test to see where the perishing ends by gently prodding with a scriber – if it feels hard, cut back further.
Then reassemble using a jubilee clip. I fitted the clip such that the screw head faced down under the other rail connection to prevent it from fouling the breather pipe:
That saved some money and also a world of pain removing and replacing the fuel line, the rest of which is fine.
Hope it helps someone.