Lotus Festival 2015 – Sunday

Some more photos taken of LEC at the Lotus Festival at Brands Hatch on Sunday 16th August 2015.

A larger turnout as usual for the Sunday, I neglected to count the number of cars on the LEC stand, but believe we hit our aspiration for 20 and had a lovely time.  Towards the end are a number of photos I took during the two laps we had of the Brands Hatch Indy circuit – some of which were so slow I had to slip the clutch, but we did get a couple of brief chances to have a blast of the throttle.  The Elan feels so at home on the track and apart from the feeling I don’t want to wear out a nice 25 year old car, I’d be tempted into a track day.

The LEC guys and girls were – as ever – friendly, encouraging and great company – thanks everyone for making mine a great weekend.

The LEC Stand – with gazebo and banner – looking very much the part!

LF15_Sun 017 LF15_Sun 015 LF15_Sun 013 LF15_Sun 012 LF15_Sun 010 LF15_Sun 006 LF15_Sun 005 LF15_Sun 004 LF15_Sun 003 LF15_Sun 002 LF15_Sun 001 IMG_20150816_084626LF15_Sun 025 LF15_Sun 028 LF15_Sun 030 LF15_Sun 031 LF15_Sun 032 LF15_Sun 034 LF15_Sun 035 LF15_Sun 019 LF15_Sun 020 LF15_Sun 022 LF15_Sun 023 LF15_Sun 024LF15_Sun 047 LF15_Sun 049 LF15_Sun 050 LF15_Sun 052 LF15_Sun 053 LF15_Sun 055 LF15_Sun 056 LF15_Sun 036 LF15_Sun 041 LF15_Sun 042 LF15_Sun 043 LF15_Sun 044IMG_20150816_175445 IMG_20150816_175502 LF15_Sun 061 LF15_Sun 062 LF15_Sun 063 LF15_Sun 065 LF15_Sun 068 LF15_Sun 072 LF15_Sun 074 LF15_Sun 076 LF15_Sun 078 LF15_Sun 079IMG_20150816_175512 IMG_20150816_175520 IMG_20150816_175530 IMG_20150816_175536 IMG_20150816_182812 IMG_20150816_182827 IMG_20150816_182941 IMG_20150816_182943 IMG_20150816_182952 IMG_20150816_183157 IMG_20150816_183243 IMG_20150816_183255IMG_20150816_183335 IMG_20150816_183404 IMG_20150816_183421 IMG_20150816_183426 IMG_20150816_183432 IMG_20150816_183439 IMG_20150816_183445 IMG_20150816_183452 IMG_20150816_183258 IMG_20150816_183306 IMG_20150816_183325 IMG_20150816_183328IMG_20150816_183421 IMG_20150816_183426 IMG_20150816_183432 IMG_20150816_183439 IMG_20150816_183445 IMG_20150816_183452 IMG_20150816_184028 IMG_20150816_184044