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You're not going to learn much about me here, but this is where I put some of the results of my tinkering with cars and electronics.  It's hardly a work of art and is simply intended to be a front for my participation in online forums as a reference source.  What I will say here is that I used to be able to proudly describe myself as an Electronic Engineer in the true meaning of the term, before falling into the bear trap of management (project and team) so I do this to keep myself sane.  

This website has evolved for some time, but now finds itself in the middle of a mid life crisis.  I don't have much time to update it and don't actually know what visitors think of what's up here, so you can join me in a virtual guessing game, where I'll attempt to guess at what makes it interesting, and you can be the judge...

Pick a subject and click it's corresponding link to the left, and let me know if you find something broken or missing that used to be here before - the old site was getting a bit out of hand and after being hacked I never had chance to repair it properly.  I'll try to re-publish the old content here as and when I can.





This site is maintained in (very limited) spare time, the last update was on Sunday May 30, 2010.

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